How to choose an oil filter?

  Owners often receive conflicting advice on what to say about oil filters. Owner's manuals, installers, quick lube operators, mechanics ,and retail store personnel all have different opinions. The truth is that when it comes to oil and filters, the only correct answer is the one that varies from situation to situation. People are different. Driving conditions are different. A one-size-fits-all approach does not apply to oil filters. So it's up to us to choose an oil filter that is right for the situation.


What are the reasons for choosing an oil filter?

An oil filter, is also known as an oil compartment. Here's what it does: When your engine burns fuel, it produces harmful byproducts such as sludge, chemical toxins ,and ash, which can cause engine damage. The oil suspends these contaminants and passes through the oil filter, removing this debris from the oil to protect your internal engine parts from premature wear, and to protect the internal engine we need to choose the right oil filter.

How should I choose an oil filter?

For the same reason that oil filter selection is important, several similar options and considerations must be taken into account when choosing an oil filter.

1. Size and capture efficiency of the oil filter

Tiny particles that escape from the air filter (such as sand and dust in the air) can enter the lubrication system and end up suspended in the engine oil. 

A typical economy- grade oil filter has a 95% capture efficiency at 40 microns. This means that the oil filter removes 95% of particles larger than 40 microns in one pass. The remaining 5% pass -through and have little to no performance below 40 microns. So you have to choose the right oil filter size and capture efficiency.

2. Oil filter dirt-holding capacity and regular filter replacement.

The dirt-holding capacity of an oil filter indicates how long it will last before it enters the bypass. This is especially important if you plan to extend oil drain time without changing the midpoint filter, or if you drive in a dusty environment.

Diesel engine oil filters are usually larger and have a higher capacity than gasoline engine oil filters because they tend to produce more soot. Unfortunately, oil filter brands usually do not detail the dust holding capacity, so you must rely on the recommended intervals to change the filter.

04892339AA Oil Filter


3. Oil filter pressure flow

Your oil pressure gauge will show the oil pressure rising as dirt builds up until the bypass opening pressure is broken. A typical oil filter with an internal bypass valve will rupture at about 10-12 psid (differential pressure), thus allowing the oil to resume flow. However, it is not common for aftermarket oil filters to have pressure -flow curves. You need not worry, however, as the oil filter is designed to operate within the practical limits of daily service. 


4. Integrity of oil filter design and manufacture

A good oil filter will have a sturdy anti-blast canister, a bypass valve that does not leak at normal operating temperatures, a flexible anti-backflow valve to avoid back pressure and low -temperature leaks, and a sturdy filter element (filter media) with supporting pleats and tight sealing joints.


5Does the oil filter match your driving style 

A quality oil filter may be well suited for stop-and-go traffic - to cope with traffic congestion that often causes oil pressure to vary more than driving at a constant speed. The wrong filter may often break its bypass valve, which pushes unfiltered oil into the engine. A high-performance filter will be used for cars that are driven to the maximum. And, if you're a racer, it makes sense to use a racing filter that can handle that light engine oil.


6. Bigger filters aren't always better; it's about finding the right one.

Just because a bigger filter fits your engine threads, doesn't mean it will work better. It may have a less suitable filter media, bypass valve ,or flow rate. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for efficient engine oil filtration, because the wrong filter will give you the opposite effect.However, if your car engine uses conventional oil and you adhere to a regular filter and oil change schedule, the best filter is not needed.


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