What are the characteristics of international logistics system?

 International logistics refers to the organization of the rational flow of goods between international, that is, the logistics that occurs between different countries. Under the influence of global economicization, this aspect of international trade logistics has developed relatively well. What are the characteristics of the international logistics system?

International logistics system refers to the packaging, storage, transportation, inspection, distribution processing and its before and after finishing, repackaging and international distribution of goods and other subsystems. It mainly includes shipping, domestic transportation, customs clearance in exporting countries, international inter-transportation, customs clearance in importing countries and delivery.

Among them, storage and transportation subsystems are the two pillars of logistics. International logistics realizes its own time and space benefits through the storage and transportation of commodities to meet the requirements of international trade activities and multinational corporations' operations.

international logistics systems

There are three main characteristics of the international logistics system is to have international, complex and risk characteristics.

1International refers to the international logistics system involves multiple countries, the geographical scope of the system is large. This feature is also known as the geographical characteristics of the international logistics system.

2Complexity mainly includes the complexity of international logistics communication system setting, the difference of regulatory environment and the difference of business status.

3Riskiness mainly includes political risk, economic risk and natural risk.

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