Stainless Steel Mesh Cut Resistant Gloves Buying Guide

 Are you still worried about hurting your hands from doing some dangerous work? This cut-resistant glove can solve all your problems in this area. It is made of stainless steel wire to protect your hands from cuts and scratches, and more importantly, it helps you to be more efficient without slowing down your affairs.

The stainless steel glove is made of approximately 5000 stainless steel welded rings, which are individually welded for maximum strength. Each ring has 4 other rings through it with no large gaps, which gives the glove flexibility and durability. One piece fits both hands and is interchangeable between the left and right hands.

Three Finger Butcher Stainless Steel Gloves Applications

● Fast food and restaurant operations

● Meat processing

● Glass cutting

● Sewing

● Kitchen cutting

● Knife polishing

Stainless Steel Mesh Cut Resistant Gloves Buying Guide

  Stainless Steel Gloves    

Advantages of  Stainless Steel Mesh Cut-resistant Gloves

1. Stainless Steel Mesh Cut Resistant Gloves - Chainmail gloves for hand protection, safety gloves for home kitchens, butchers, oysters, clothing

2. Stainless Steel Mesh Cut Resistant Gloves Best Material - Food contact grade stainless steel 316, will not rust. Durable and 100% safe.

3. The Best choice for hand protection - meets OSHA requirements for meat, poultry, fish, and oyster processing applications with its high protection in slicing, dicing, chopping, prepping, and tightening, as well as garment shops and the lumber industry.

4. Top Cut Resistance - Made of 5000 high-quality stainless steel wire loops, the glove is cut resistant to level 5. Meets standard EN1082-1.

5. Easy to clean - machine washable and the chainmail will be brand new after you wash.

6. Two-Handed - With a special buckle design, the gloves fit both your left and right hand.

Stainless Steel Mesh Cut Resistant Gloves Buying Guide

Stainless Steel Gloves-Plastic Strap Type

Stainless Steel Mesh Cut Resistant Gloves Description

The Linchuan Safety Protective Equipment stainless steel chainmail glove is an excellent choice for workers who face the dangers of cutting, slashing, and scraping. It is the ultimate safety glove.

Three-finger gloves have 3 types according to different straps:

Three-finger glove with Textile Strap

Three-finger glove with Plastic Strap

Three-finger glove with Metal Claw

We totally supply 7 glove sizes as below and have different straps in different colors to distinguish the sizes:







XXL-Olive Green.

Stainless Steel Mesh Cut Resistant Gloves Buying Guide

  Stainless Steel Gloves

How to choose the best deal on stainless steel gloves?

Measure the circumference of your palm area and the length between your middle finger and wrist, then refer to your measurements and choose the best gloves for you.

Go to a restaurant supply store and try them on, or go to a hardware store and try on industrial/mechanical gloves to see which is comfortable.

Draw the outline of your entire hand. Send us the width and length of your fingers, palm, and wrist, then send it to us before ordering, and then we will give you some professional advice.

If you are going to use other gloves underneath, choose a glove that is a little larger than your actual hand size.

Stainless Steel Gloves Notes

If you choose a larger pair of gloves, you can tighten the wrist strap or wear other gloves underneath. When using chainmail gloves, you should also make sure that your nails are clipped to avoid discomfort when bending the gloves.

Stainless steel mesh cut resistant gloves packing list

Want to buy a gift for you? These gloves will be the armor of your hands and your working partner. Don't hesitate, to contact us to buy it now!

For more information about the stainless steel mesh cut-resistant gloves for sale, welcome to contact us at +86-18632192156 or write to us at We will be happy to help you out!

Stainless Steel Mesh Cut Resistant Gloves Buying Guide



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