Why is a Dump Trailer More Convenient than a Dump Truck?

If you own a business that requires you to move material from one point to another, such as a landscaping or construction company, you could benefit from equipment that makes it easier to not only transport the material but unload it as well. Dump trailers and dump trucks both have the capacity to tilt the cargo bed to release the material inside. The difference between the two is that a dump truck is a self-contained, self-sufficient vehicle, while a dump trailer has to be hooked up to another vehicle to be able to transport its cargo from one place to another.



Dump trailers are more versatile than dump trucks. They have some of the same features as dump trucks, such as a strong lifting mechanism and a wide bed, so they can handle the same types of material in approximately the same way. However, trailers offer more customization options than dump trucks because of the wider range of designs and styles available. Furthermore, a dump trailer is removable, so the vehicle used to tow it can also be used for other purposes, if desired, merely by unhooking the dump trailer from it as needed.


Another advantage of the dump trailer is that it is much more affordable than a dump truck. However, that assumes that you already have a vehicle available to pull the trailer. If you do not already have a suitable vehicle, you have to buy another one, which adds to the overall cost. Even if you already own a vehicle that you wish to use to tow your dump trailer, you must first make sure that it has the necessary capacity. It may be that your current vehicle lacks the necessary strength. Be sure to factor in the weight of the load in addition to the mass of the trailer itself. Additionally, take the terrain over which you must haul the material. The vehicle you have may be adequate to haul the trailer over some types of terrain but not others. Fortunately, because dump trailers are versatile and customizable, it may be possible to adapt a trailer for compatibility with the vehicle you already have to better suit your needs.



If you frequently haul very large and heavy loads, a dump truck may be preferable to a dump trailer. Dump trucks have a hauling capacity of 14 tons, meaning that they can handle any load, large or small. Compared to dump trailers, dump trucks are more stable during operation, even when the load is awkward or heavy because they consist of a single integrated vehicle. The combined nature of the dump truck also means that there is no need to purchase a separate vehicle for towing.


However, with a price tag of up to $100,000, you may not be able to justify the cost of purchasing a dump truck. Even if you have to purchase a separate vehicle to tow a dump trailer, the combined price may be less than what you would spend to purchase a dump truck. If you haul materials only occasionally, you may not be able to justify the cost.


There are fewer varieties of designs and styles of dump trucks than there are of dump trailers. As a result, compared to a trailer, a dump truck is less versatile. There are also fewer choices when it comes to dump truck size. This can be awkward if you have to haul loads that are smaller than the dump truck’s maximum capacity.


If you do only occasional dumping, haul loads of varying sizes, or have a limited budget with which to purchase equipment, a dump trailer may be the piece of equipment you are looking for. McFarlane’s stocks a variety of new and pre-owned dump trailers from top Canadian manufacturers in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Learn more about our selection.

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