What is the best way to wash and maintain various scarf necklace?

 What is the best way to wash and maintain various scarf necklace?

Autumn is here, and it's scarf necklace season again. Buying a scarf necklace that suits you will undoubtedly add a lot to your beauty. But in addition to beauty, how to wash and maintain the scarf necklace that adds color to us? This should also be the doubt of the goddesses in front of the screen. Today, I will show you the washing and maintenance of scarves.

1. Silk scarf necklace

The silk scarf necklace is gorgeous in color, and it is really elegant and fashionable to use it as an embellishment. Generally, silk scarves are more expensive. In order to maintain its good performance, you must pay attention to the following aspects when understanding how to wash silk scarves.


a. Neutral detergent can be used for washing, not alkaline detergent, soap, washing powder or other detergents, let alone disinfectant. Silk scarves should not be washed in a washing machine, but should be washed by hand. When cleaning, rub lightly, and do not rub with gravity to prevent fiber damage. Dry cleaning is generally recommended.

b. Washed silk scarves should be dried with water, and should be dried in the shade. It should not be exposed to the sun, which can prevent the strength and color fastness of the fibers from being affected. It can be removed when the clothes are about 80% dry, so that the silk scarf necklace after drying will feel softer and not easy to fade.

c. The characteristics of silk scarves are acid and alkali resistance, so in order to keep the color bright, it is best to drop a few drops of acetic acid in the water before drying, and then soak the scarf necklace in water for about ten minutes, and then pick it up and dry it. scarf necklace in bright colors.


a. It is not advisable to spray perfume, freshener, etc. on silk products.

b. Do not use mothballs when storing, because this may cause the silk scarf necklace to absorb a certain smell or change color.

c. It is best to hang silk scarves with hangers in the wardrobe. Do not use metal hangers to prevent pollution such as rust, and they should be placed in places that are not exposed to direct sunlight and protected from light.

2. Cotton linen scarf necklace

Cotton and linen scarves have always given people a literary plot, it is a kind of feeling, an attitude towards life, a kind of "pay attention" and also the favorite of young literary and artistic people.


a. It is best not to use a washing machine for cotton and linen clothes. The cotton and linen texture is soft. If you use a washing machine to stir it hard, it will easily deform and become wrinkled.

b. Before washing, add some ordinary vinegar to the water, soak and wash light-colored and dark-colored fabrics separately to avoid staining. Soak in water for about 15 minutes, the temperature does not exceed 40 ℃. It should be noted that the amount of vinegar should not be too much, otherwise it will easily dye the light-colored scarf necklace.

c. When cleaning, put the detergent (do not use the detergent containing bleach) into the water, and after it is completely dissolved, put it in the cotton and linen fabric. The soaking time should not exceed half an hour. The cotton and linen scarf necklace should keep the fabric. Clean and dry, especially in the rainy season in summer, pay attention to inspection and drying. Do not twist after washing, squeeze with hands to remove water, drain, hang in a ventilated place to dry in the shade, and avoid strong sunlight exposure.


Wash and dry before storing. Sort and collect them in dark and light colors to avoid mutual staining.

3. Wool scarf necklace

Wool scarves are soft and silky, and there is always a sense of warmth flowing all over the body. In autumn and winter, a wool scarf necklace can be fashionable and warm. Whether it is a street photo shoot, or a sweet date, a beautiful wool scarf necklace will make you unique.


a. Soak the woolen scarf necklace in cold water for about three minutes. The water temperature is preferably around 35 degrees. Be careful to flood the scarf necklace with water. Then rinse gently with mild detergent or wool detergent, being careful not to scrub. After cleaning, wring it out by hand, do not use too much force, and do not use a machine to dry it. After washing and dehydration, the wool scarf necklace should be spread out in a ventilated place to dry.

b. Adjust the temperature of the iron to medium temperature or wool position, spray the dried scarf necklace evenly with water before ironing, and spread it on a soft white cloth. When ironing, it should be along the direction of the warp and weft, and absolutely do not apply force diagonally to avoid deformation of the scarf necklace. According to the degree of deformation and the thickness of the texture after washing, appropriate force should be ironed.

c. Due to the loose tissue structure of wool scarves, care should be taken when washing and using to avoid nails and sharp objects being pulled. If only one yarn is hooked, it can be flattened in the warp and weft directions or picked with a fine needle.

d. Remember not to wring out by hand, not hang to dry, jacquard or multi-color wool scarves should not be soaked for a long time, and wool scarves of different colors should not be washed together to avoid dyeing.


a. Correctly understand that wool and other material scarves have depilation.

b. It is best not to put wool scarves with other clothes, so as not to be damaged by zippers and buttons on the clothes.

c. The scarf necklace can be rolled into a cylindrical shape and placed in the drawer to avoid creases when unfolding.

d. Pay attention to reducing large friction, and the matching coat should not be too rough and hard to avoid friction damage to the fiber, reducing the strength or causing pilling.


A warm scarf necklace is not only a must for keeping warm, but also a good artifact for concave shapes to add highlights! Thick coats in winter often make many girls feel that it is difficult to wear a fashionable sense. In fact, adding a scarf necklace can make a big difference. Whether it is a twist scarf necklace woven by mother or a luxurious fur scarf necklace, the look will be unique and fashionable. Double up !

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