The Development History of Fire Engines

  Fire engines, as special vehicles used by fire services to fight fires and rescue people, are always there to protect people. However, few people know the history of fire engines. Do you know the story of the world's first fire engine?


The first fire engines in the world.

The world's first recorded fire engine was built in 1518 on commission from the city of Augsburg, Germany, by the craftsman Antney Blattner, who made metalwork. Very little is known about the details of this fire engine. According to the book "History of Craftsmanship in the City of Augsburg", the fire engine was formed by mounting a large water pump operated by a lever on the vehicle. Its power was then drawn by horses.


The Development History of Fire Engines


The continuous development of fire engines.

In 1666, a fire broke out in London, England, which burned for four days, destroying 1,300 houses including the famous St Paul's Church, and some medieval buildings were swept away in the fire. People began to take firefighting in cities seriously. Soon, the British invented the world's first hand-cranked pump fire engine and used hoses to fight fires.


The steam-powered fire engine appeared in London in 1829 and was invented by the steam engine engineer John Braithwaite. However, this vehicle still had to be drawn by horses and was equipped with a coal-fuelled fire pump at the rear, fitted with a soft water hose and driven by a 10 hp twin-cylinder steam engine.


By the 1920s, fire engines working entirely on internal combustion engines began to appear. At this time fire engines were simple in construction, mostly modified on existing truck chassis, with pumps and additional water tanks mounted on them and fire ladders, fire axes, explosion-proof lights and fire hoses hanging from the outside of the body.


After more than 100 years of development, today's fire engines include a wide range of disciplines, click for more information.


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