What are the characteristics of aluminum mobile scaffolding?

 Mobile aluminum scaffolding is a new type of aerial work platform, with excellent safety, convenience and efficiency, is a new type of aerial work platform with advanced design and unique technology. It is widely used in civil aviation, ships, steam practice stage production property management, hotels, power plants, schools, clubs, shopping malls, hospitals, theaters, churches, temples, etc. It is a good helper for users in high maintenance, inspection and installation and cleaning operations. As a manufacturer of scaffolding plant (aluminum scaffolding manufacturer), ZHONGHONG Scaffolding would like to share our views on the characteristics of aluminum mobile scaffolding.

mobile aluminum scaffolding

Aluminum scaffolding has the following characteristics:

1. Quick to install and disassemble: aluminum material is light and high strength, the ends of the crossbar diagonal rod are connected with spring clips, the overall stability is good, the parts are small and flexible, easy to install, transport and storage.

2. Easy to move: With polyurethane double brake casters, it is light to move and the height of the legs can be freely adjusted, which can be used according to the steps, stairs and complex terrain; with the help of polyurethane casters, it can avoid damaging the ground such as marble, wooden floor and lawn.

3. Platform board adopts aluminum /birch board anti-slip board to enhance safety

4. Strong flexibility: can be in and out of narrow spaces (such as elevators, room doors, etc.), build and work; diverse combinations, beautiful appearance, work height arbitrary ride, can work normally on uneven ground.

5. All components are treated with special anti-oxidation, no rust, chemical corrosion resistance, product life of up to 10 years or more, maintenance-free.

6. Aluminum mobile scaffolding adopts new cold processing technology of internal expansion and external pressure, the pull-off pull-off force of scaffolding joint reaches 4100-4400Kg, far greater than the allowable pull-off force of 2100Kg, the load-bearing capacity is up to 500Kg for 12m high double width scaffolding, the average load-bearing capacity of each aluminum mobile scaffolding working platform plate is 200KG/M2, the load-bearing capacity of the whole tower is 900Kg.

The above characteristics of aluminum scaffolding are provided by one of our scaffolding factory manufacturers and aluminum scaffolding manufacturers.



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