JINGWEI: How to Make My Glasses Last Longer?

As a sunglasses supplier, JINGWEI chooses high-quality lenses of various types and functions. We also customize lenses for specific needs. Here we show you some ideas about taking care of your glasses.

Protecting my glasses

Eyeglass frames can bend or break when you put enough pressure on them. The lenses are also prone to scratches and cracks. With this in mind, you can purchase rigid eyeglass cases to protect your glasses.

When you are not wearing your glasses, be sure to store them in a safe place. A hard case will protect your glasses wherever you are, at home or on the go.

Carefully put on and take off your glasses with both hands.

When putting your glasses down, keep the curved part of the glasses facing up. Putting them down may cause scratches.

Do not allow your glasses to get hot or wear them in extremely hot places. The frames may buckle or the lenses may break.

Keep them out of the hot sun. Do not leave your glasses on the dashboard of your car or in other areas exposed to direct sunlight.

If your glasses become wet from rain or sweat, dry them immediately. Rust or water may cause stains that cannot be removed.

Optical lenses

Treatment Tips

There is a two-week adjustment period for any newly purchased eyeglasses, especially new prescriptions. Do not switch back and forth between old and new glasses of different prescriptions - this will make the adjustment take longer.

If you are using progressive or bifocal glasses for the first time, you will need time to make adjustments as this will limit your depth perception. Be careful going up and down stairs or where heights vary.

JINGWEI flexible frames are durable and do not break easily, but please do not bend or twist them intentionally.

If your glasses get dirty, clean them with cold water (and a pea-sized drop of mild detergent if desired) and dry them with a microfiber or lens cleaning cloth. Do not use detergents containing alkali or paint thinner to clean your glasses.

When cleaning the lenses, please hold the nose bridge of the frame and wipe gently to avoid deformation of the frame or breakage of the lenses.

Scenes not wear glasses

When you shower or swim.

In places with extreme temperatures, such as direct sunlight, hot saunas or in industrial refrigerators. The lenses may change shape, cause distortion and/or warp.

If you experience itching, rashes or allergies while wearing your glasses, consult your doctor or dermatologist immediately.

Look directly into the sun, even if you are wearing tinted lenses. It can cause loss of vision or serious damage to your eyes. Avoid using tinted lenses in dark places. Visibility is reduced due to low light.

When playing high intensity sports. Lenses may break when subjected to strong impact. Broken lenses may damage your eyes or face.

Please contact our customer support if you have any problems with the nose rest, ill-fitting glasses, loose screws, etc. We provide customers with integrated services from development to delivery. All designs provide customers with highly exclusive personalized logos, All designs provide customers with highly exclusive personalized logos, color temperatures, etc. 

Welcome to contact us by email, our experts will answer you carefully, thank you for choosing JINGWEI!



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