What is a Automatic Dumpling Machine?

  Automatic dumpling machine is no manual, just two steps, put the ingredients and kneaded dough into two different feeders, make sure the dough and filling are fed smoothly, turn on the feed switch and adjust the dosage. Then, the complete dumpling will come out automatically, shaped in one go.


We offer a customizable service with customizable shape molds to make dumplings, samosas, spring rolls, and meat filled rolls in various shapes and sizes (5-40g). If you need customization, please send us a picture of the finished dumpling and tell us the exact size and weight you prefer.


What is a Automatic Dumpling Machine?


Dumpling-making machine features

1. The dumpling-making machine is a multi-functional machine that can produce not only gyoza, but also curry corner and spring rolls.

2. The dumpling-making machine adopts advanced technology to automatically press the skin, automatically fill, automatically form and automatically recover the remaining skin. It can make imitation handmade dumplings, lace dumplings, and support customized service. Production capacity is 180-200 kg per hour.

3. Completely change the traditional forming principle, the pasta will not be hot and mushy, maintaining the quality and strength of the pasta, and the taste is fresh and delicious.

4. The thickness of dumpling skin and the amount of filling can be freely adjusted.

5. Feeding powder forming part adopts special anti-cohesive technology material, low resistance, good forming, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant. Easy to disassemble and clean, durable.


Suitable for

Central Kitchens

Places where large quantities of food are prepared and cooked, where food is served at meal times or processed into reheatable meals, and where operators are expected to take care of food safety.

Food Factory

A building equipped with machines to prepare ingredients and to prepare, cook and package food. Examples include frozen food plants, ready-to-eat food plants.

Kitchen design and equipment supplier

An individual or organization that provides production process planning, commercial kitchen appliances and food manufacturing machinery.

Machine Dealers

Individuals or organizations that buy quality food machines and sell them to local customers.

Entrepreneurs who want to invest in the food industry.

Those starting a new food business and needing a comprehensive solution, including consulting services in equipment procurement and manufacturing technology.

Cloud Kitchen

A place to prepare and cook large quantities of food for take-out and delivery.


Are restaurants/cafeterias that need to change from manual to automated production to save time and labor and increase production capacity.


A place where food is cooked and served to more than a hundred people at meal times or where dishes are processed into ready-to-hot meals for sale.


It is a school caterer that provides lunch for teachers, students and staff or a central kitchen shared by multiple schools.


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What is a Automatic Dumpling Machine?



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